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"Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii also isn't just a brand, it's an identity and the vision is to fuel the inner badass in all of us. We hope to unlock inner badasses by fueling customers with energy and kindness every single day," Rushing said.

"Texas is proving to be a strong development state for the brand with a store opening next year in North Dallas and five coming to the greater Dallas market over the next three years. The senior leadership team has identified Texas as a high-growth market and is looking to expand further in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and destinations along the Texas Gulf Coastline, according to CEO Scott Snyder."

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is entering a new state and we could not be more excited about the opportunities that will come from this partnership," Snyder said in the release. "Our brand growth is accelerating at a fast pace and we are excited for what the future holds in the great state of Texas."


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