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Client Connect

Help More People-Earn More-Work Less-Be the Hero

Achieve More Through Collaborative Partnership

Have someone in need of

commercial real estate help?

Contact Us Below and Let's Achieve More.

As a Real Estate Resource in the local community, Residential Agents or Brokers often come in contact with potential clients that have commercial real estate needs.


Given the time consuming nature of commercial real estate along with the necessary specialized knowledge, resources, and  legal aspects required to complete a transaction, Residential Agents or Brokers miss out on the lost opportunities to not only service more client needs but also the

loss of additional business income.


At ATENANTCo, we want to add value to Residential Agents and Brokers businesses through our Client Connect Platform to allow you to help more clients, work less, be the hero, and add THOUSANDS of DOLLARS more to your bottomline by working together.

Great team work utilizes the strengths of every individual to accomplish a goal, 

we want to be apart of your GREAT TEAM.

Contact us today to learn more or help someone you know.

*Let Us Help You Add Up to 27% More Income to Your Real Estate Business*

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