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What's Your Business's Why

As the saying goes "People don't buy what you do or how you do it, they buy WHY you do it." Your business WHY can be the ultimate differentiator between your business and the competition. Now understand that your business WHY is different than your business Goals. Goals are on going and temporary milestones that you want to achieve as a business while your WHY as a business is the reason for your existence.

History has show us over and over again that great businesses always outperform their counterpart because the business's WHY is an aligner of the hearts, efforts, and minds of everyone in your business. This WHY can create a deeper connection with your current and future customer base, promote better company wide execution which ultimately will fuel your business's bottomline.

By having a strong business WHY, you help everyone in your business endure the toughest of the toughest times because we all know that success in business whatever field of business you are in is a series of journeys with a lot of false starts, failures, setbacks, zigs and zags, ups and downs...never in a straight line. It's the ultimate never ending marathon with your competitors always just steps behind you.

With the competition for talent and retaining talent being so fierce these days, having a strong WHY that you can communicate can be a great competitive edge and often is the biggest influence in your current and future team's reason for choosing you, dedicating almost two thirds of their time and maybe a good portion of their life to you.

If haven't recognized it by now, most of today's workforce and large part going forward for several years is made up the millennial generation. They aren't the past generation of individuals whom will commit to one company for the rest of their lives just for security. They aren't satisfied with simply just completing another task achieving another goal just for a paycheck. They want to know WHY it's important for them to get up every morning to go to work for your business and if they can't truly be aligned in your WHY, they aren't going to be around very long let alone give their best efforts in their roles at your business.

Whatever your business WHY is make sure its clear and communicated constantly because as your business grows your team will become hungrier for purpose and if they ever start to self doubt this WHY, they begin to question your business which has an effect on the performance of your business.

As leaders of your business, make sure you yourself understand the business's WHY because doing so helps you decide what to do next and when to do it. Never lose sight of this WHY as leaders in and of your business. The loss can have negative effects as your team and customers more than ever are watching what your business does as well as yourself. Your business needs to stand for something greater than just making another dollar and you must work hard to communicate this WHY otherwise this lack can lead to a mass exodus of both talented team members and loyal paying current and future customers.

Know and Communicate Your Business's WHY because it definitely Matters.

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