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IT MATTERS FRI: Servant Leadership

Looking to enhance the development of your workforce in a way that will unlock their potential, creativity & sense of purpose?

Consider changing your approach as leaders or owners of a business & become more a servant leader w/ a mindset to serve first & focus on empowering & uplifting instead of the traditional overseer/authoritative leadership style.

Embrace a more servant leadership style. Move beyond the transactional aspect of managing your workforce: basic performance level in exchange for a salary/ benefits.

A change in your leadership style, allows employees to feel more engaged & purpose driven which helps to increase employee retention & lowers turnover costs plus trusted & well trained employees continue to develop as future leaders who will continue w/ the same mindset & leadership culture ensuring the long term viability of the company.

If you think it can’t be done then there's no better example of a servant leadership than founder Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines who put his employees first & has resulted in a highly engaged, low turnover workforce & 35 plus consecutive years of profitability in the turbulent airline industry.

Become a Servant Leader. It Matters!

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