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As leaders of businesses, we're constantly looking to improve our organizations to be the best versions of themselves that in ways further our company's mission, service more customers, enhance productivity, prompt creativity, attract and keep talented individuals, and most importantly positively impact the communities we serve and more.

When you read about what other successful organizations have done to constantly achieve more, the highlights always led back to discussions about culture and its impact on success.

For all of us, our employees are our greatest asset and vital part of our organization's success thus the importance of creating a culture of accountability enabling empowerment amongst them will lead to the overall success we seek.

By having a culture of accountability, your employees are trusted to bring and do their best work daily which allows them to be more engaged at work. They hold themselves accountable, keep their word and commitments, and most importantly push through obstacles and setbacks by always looking for ways to get the job done.

To have such a culture, we as leaders must demonstrate such behaviors ourselves, rewarding such behaviors amongst our team, taking on the responsibility to address the elephants in room, and ensure accountability is applied equally at all levels no matter someones experience, talent, or seniority.

In this process to create such a culture we must start at the beginning which means first hiring the right people that have a history of accountability and letting go of those who are unwilling to be accountable.

Set clear and measurable goals and expectations with the input from our employees because when people feel they are allowed in the process, it is easier for them to buy-in.

Delegate authority to them giving them power in key decisions that will affect their results while actively coming together either weekly or monthly to measure, track, and review such results. It is in these reviews we must look to address deficiencies and require employees to develop plans that get them back on track to which again engaging them in the process reinforces accountability and ownership.

If the aim is to be the best organization possible, then creating a culture of accountability is a key to reach that goal as someone famously quoted "A Culture of Accountability Makes A Good Organization Great and A Great Organization Unstoppable."

It matters.

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