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Considering Your Next Office Space

When considering your next office space and location, think about implementing things that shows your unique workplace value proposition that will highlight your company's brand identity and culture, appeal to customers and clients, help retain and attract talented employees, and influences productivity. To give a few examples: *One thing that is often overlooked but is important in these decisions is to consider having input from the employees on what they want and value in the workplace. What makes them want to come to the office everyday and do their best work? *Have places and spaces available that are open and collaborative as well as private and re-energizing as more companies are moving towards unassigned seating arrangements to create more intensive collaboration, creativity, and production. *Consider having a healthy work environment as your team or employees spend more time at the office working than at home so look to have areas for social engagement, natural light, healthy food options, standing desk or treadmill desk, onsite gyms or such nearby amenities to name a few. Remember the type of office environment you have along with the building you choose can either have a positive or negative impact on all stakeholders and your business.

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